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The Solatube Advantage

Solasystems has been in business for over 20 years and we are a proud representative of Solatube International in South East England. Solatube International has revolutionized the way daylight is brought into a building. Known as tubular skylights, or tubular daylighting devices (TDD). Our products are a compact and leak-proof alternative to traditional skylights, virtually eliminating glare and minimizing solar heat gain. Solatube tubular daylighting systems are modular and can be installed in hard-to-reach spaces and in rooms, skirting obstacles where skylights and windows simply can’t reach. Solatube daylighting systems beautifully illuminate interior spaces, improve human performance and well-being, cut energy costs, and minimize our impact on the environment.


Service & Installation

Solatube offers full-service support for residential projects. Our certified installation consultants are daylighting experts who make the process of selecting and installing Solatube products convenient and easy. For Residential solutions, we offer free in-home and virtual consultations, individualized appointment times, and same-day installation services.

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United Kingdom Expansion

Solatube International is excited to announce its expansion into the United Kingdom. Solatube International has opened a corporate location in the Manchester area to service England. We are also excited to announce that within the corporate location is its residential division called Solatube Home. This division will bring the company’s innovative natural light and fresh air solutions to homes throughout the area. Click on the button to learn more.

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Powerhouse Company Kingspan Light + Air USA, a division of Kingspan Group PLC, recently acquired Solatube International Inc. “We are all thrilled to be part of Kingspan Light + Air, which will give us additional reach and resources to escalate Solatube’s growth so we can bring natural light and fresh air to more people than ever before,” said Bob Westfall, President of Solatube. “I don’t think we could have found a better family to be part of. Our synergies are remarkable and culturally we fit like a glove.”

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