Solatube Ventilation Solutions

Whole House Fans

A whole house fan can provide benefits nearly every day of the year. Not only does it help remove stair air from your home, but it can provide air circulation and improve the overall air quality in every room of your home.

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Large solar attic fan

Solar-powered attic fans mount on your roof.

Prevent heat, moisture, and humidity from reaching critical levels in your attic with Solar-Powered Attic Fans. Your attic stays healthy and dry while you enjoy greater comfort in your home, lower utility bills, and prolonged roof life.

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Whole garage fan

Garage Fans

Whether it’s your place to work on your car, your fitness or your next great project, you want to keep the heat, odors, fumes, and unhealthy air out of your garage. At Solatube, we have powered and solar ventilation solutions to remove those unhealthy air contaminants from any garage and bring in fresh outside air.

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