SolaMaster Series

Maximum daylight. Maximum versatility.

Open or closed. New or retrofit. SolaMaster has it covered.

SolaMaster. A Flexible Solution.

With three different domes, varying extension tubing configurations and both open and closed ceiling options. SolaMaster products provide the versatility for numerous applications and sunlight conditions.

Multiple Domes. More Daylight

From the 300 DS dome for smaller spaces and retrofits, to the 330 DS with an integrated reflector, and the 750 DS with unique lens technology, you get options to maximize daylight capture no matter your application.

Mounting Solutions for Any Roof

Whatever your roof, whatever your application, Solatube has the flashings to meet all your needs with design and construction that eliminates any chance for leaks.

Diffuser Options to Match Your Design

Open ceiling or closed. Round or square. Prismatic or OptiView. You get diffuser options to enhance the look of your interior however you choose.

New: OptiView Shaping Diffusers use a state-of-the-art lens technology that precisely guides and controls nature’s dynamic light source. This allows us to achieve differing light distribution spreads for different visual effects.

Tubing for Total Transfer

SolaMaster's extension tubing, with the world's most reflective surface, provides the length and angles (even 90º bends) to carry light through virtually any space. And it even has optional dimpled sections to smooth the light delivery for optimal visual comfort.

Add ons and accessories for SolaMaster product.

Accessories for Total Daylighting Control

The SolaMaster Series offers accessories that not only control the levels of light let into a building space, but also minimize the level of heat.

NEW – Integrated LED Light Kit

Our Integrated LED is designed for commercial applications and offers integration of traditional lighting into the Solatube Daylighting Systems. It allows for traditional lighting when daylight isn’t at its optimal level due to weather limitations or time of day. The benefits of integrating this LED are a cleaner ceiling appearance, nighttime illumination capabilities, and dimmable control from a single source fixture.

SolaMaster LED light kit.

SolaMaster Technology